The two trees

There were two trees in the garden of eden that determined that outcome of humanity and the world as we know it today. One tree was the tree of Life and the other the tree of Knowledge ( good and evil ), the bible tells us that God told Adam the all the trees in the garden was for food for him and the animals and that he could eat freely of every tree in the garden accept the tree of Knowledge,for on the day that he ate of this tree he would surley die. We understand that adam didn't eat of the tree until his wife Eve was decieved by the serpent and ate of the tree and gave also to Adam to eat and thier eyes were opended and they unstood that they were naked and sewed leaves together to cover themselves. Now God cast Adam and Eve out of the garden and put a cherbium and a flaming sword in front of the tree of Life so man could not eat and live forever. We also understand  that God became flesh in the man Jesus christ and died for mankind that sin that had come into the world through disobeidents of eating of the tree of Knowledge made a way too be reedeemded from sin and have accesse to the tree of Life once more. Now we face the question everyday that we live if we are going to go to the tree of Life everyday and eat of the eternal food or are we going to go back to the tree of knowledge and allow carnal life to consume us and blind us even further. God did not come and die to be rejected by you or anyone else but he came to defeat sin and push back darkness that we could see clearly the path that leads to the tree of Life, so we could be refreshed by the fruit from the tree of Life as we partake of this meal daily to help us grow into the spiritual man/woman God wants us to be. you see this is the food that will give you the energy needed to face the obstacles that we have in this life and help us to grow in the spiritual realm where we may see clearly the purpose and will of God for each day he gives us. As we eat of the tree of Life the gifts of the spirit which are the attributes of God himself will began to manifest in our lives and be present when we need to use them. This power that God allows us to use is not to lift oneself up with but this is tools of the spirit that gives us the advantage over the adversary and shows the sinner that God is truly with us. You must eat from the tree of Life before you can really live and you need the tree of life food everyday so you can be strong and overcome the world and the devil. Jesus Christ is that tree of Life that you must eat from everyday and allow him to empower you through the spirit to excel in your walk with him.


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